Transform your life through smart home automation

Learn how smart home devices and services can improve personal and home health, mitigate hazards, enhance independence and save you money. For a brief video describing these benefits go to:

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Improved Personal and Home Health

Smart devices can provide a lifeline to assistance when you need it and ensure that your home is a healthy place to live.

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Hazards Mitigation

Smart devices can reduce the threat of harm from falls, toxic substances and intruders making your home a safer place to live.

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Enhanced Independence

Our independence is directly related to the degree to which we can perform the activities of daily living. Smart devices can enhance your ability to conveniently and effectively perform these activities while increasing your comfort.

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Increased Housing Affordability

Monthly utility bills impact the affordability of independent living. Smart utility pricing programs now offer you an opportunity to reduce those bills by using energy when it cost you less and by increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

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You can save money on your monthly energy bills through smart utility pricing programs and energy efficiency services