Consumer Guides

Listed below are consumer guides that provide more detailed information on smart home automation and a list of the most popular smart devices on the market as of October 2020.

Consumer Guide to Aging in Place: Smart Technology and Services

An easy to read guide describing how smart devices can enhance anyone's safety, security, comfort and convenience while reducing their utility costs. The guide also lists devices currently on the market and provides tips on their selection, purchase and installation.

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Care Provider's Guide to Smart Home Devices & Serivces

This Guide describes how existing smart devices can be employed to assist family members and professional care providers who are caring for seniors with cognitive (mild cognitive impairment, dementia), sensory (blind, deaf), or physical (mobility) challenges. Its contents are informed by in-depth survey research and an examination of smart home products currently on the market that support both seniors and people with disabilities. The Guide also contains customized programming routines and instructional protocols for the most important smart devices in caring for a senior or a person with disabilities. This same guidance is also being shared with device manufacturers in hopes that they will further disseminate the resource to consumers of their products in the future.

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Smart Devices & Services for Independent Living

This Guide describes how smart devices and smart utility pricing services enhance independent living for people living with a broader range of physical and cognitive limitations. The Guide was produced with contributions from leading members of the disability community in Illinois including the State's adaptive technology and disability waiver program offices.

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Guide to Smart Device Applications for Senior Residential Facilities and Communities

The Guide will describe how smart devices and smart grid services can improve the quality of life and affordability for seniors residing in independent and assisted living facilities and continuing care retirement communities, and the technical and operational requirements to accommodate their use. The document's intended audience will be restorative care managers, administrators and physical plant engineers of these facilities and communities and its contents will be based on in-depth interviews with these professionals to ensure that practical and actionable guidance is provided.

In Production

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The Smart Grid

The Smart Grid is a nickname for the utility power distribution system enabled by computer technology and two-way digital communications networking. All homeowners in the Ameren Illinois and ComEd service territories now have digital smart meters that facilitate this networking and facilitate the use of some smart devices currently on the market.



The Glossary includes a set of terms commonly used in descriptions of smart devices.These are written in plain, non-technical English and will serve as a good reference when you are exploring the selection and purchase of these devices for your home.

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