Emergency Alert Devices


These devices provide immediate notification to emergency personnel, family members, neighbors, and/or care providers in any situation that requires assistance.

Read about a few popular emergency alert devices currently on the market below. The purchase button will direct you to an external link where you can purchase these devices.

$24.99 - $112
GreatCall Emergency alert device


The device provides 24/7 security and can be worn around the neck, on the wrist, clipped on a belt, or accessed via The Jitterbug Smart2 and Jitterbug Flip smartphones. Alerts are sent to emergency personnel, family members, and/or care providers in both emergency and non-emergency situations, such a locking yourself out of the house, experiencing car trouble, or facing a medical emergency. The device is waterproof and offers fall detection and GPS technology to confirm location. The are no long-term contracts or cancellation fees and the monthly fee is dependent upon the Health and Safety Package that is selected. Read more

Neck and wrist emergency alert devices

Medical Guardian

The medical alert system is available to provide emergency help 24/7. This wearable device puts you in contact with the highly trained professionals at Medical Guardian’s monitoring center at the touch of a button. You can speak to them through the device’s built-in microphone. GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity helps the center’s operators to quickly and accurately find your precise location. They can assess any situation (including if you are unable to speak or respond) and dispatch the help needed. A subscription is required, and a variety of service plans and special offers are available.

Emergency alert devices

Bay Alarm Medical

Offers 24/7 protection in the home, on the go, or in the car at the push of a button. 
Features an excellent 1,000-foot range, a long battery life, and superior sound quality. Depending on the device selected, provides automatic fall detection, GPS tracking, automatic crash detection, and live-2-way communication to the monitoring center. A Bella Charm can be clipped on the back of the help button to turn the medical device into a stylish pendant necklace. 

$19.94-$41.95 per month
Wrist emergency alert devices and speakers

Mobile Help

The device provides 24/7 support, GPS tracking, two-way voice communication, and waterproof help buttons. Fall detection is available for an extra $10.00 per month. To signal for help, the emergency button is pressed where an operator responds over two-way communication to assess the situation. Help is sent based on the situation whether it be a neighbor, family member, or local emergency personnel.

Neck and wrist emergency alert devices and code pad

Senior HELP Dialer Medical Alert

No monthly fees or contracts. One wrist and one necklace devices are included. When the panic button is pressed, it Instantly calls up to three phone numbers and plays a personalized emergency message. Pacemaker save and water resistant.

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I've had the Smappee Energy Monitor installed for about 2 months and I've already learned alot about what is costing me money. I can tell when and how often the fridge cycles on, when the Keurig is cycling to maintain temp, when the hot water heater kicks in.

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