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These smart devices keep you up to date on how much energy you’re using and what it’s costing you in near real-time.

Most of these devices feature a touch screen and companion app that you can access through your Apple or Android smartphone that show your current electricity use, or your use over the last few hours, days, weeks or months. Some of these devices also function as remote controls for compatible thermostats and some allow you to store and scroll through your favorite pictures. Read about a few popular smart in-home displays currently on the market below. The purchase button will direct you to an external link where you can purchase these devices.

smart home app on desktop, ipad and phone

CEIVA HomeView

Compatible with Ameren smart meters; WiFi connected 8-inch display; Instant home energy updates; Receive photos from anywhere in the world; Receive alerts and messages from your utility; Mobile home energy monitoring and control; One year of PicturePlan Service Included; PicturePlan Lifetime Warranty.

sense home smart meter

Sense Home Smart Meter

Device that installs into home electrical panel that monitors power usage. Sends notifications to a smartphone or device about usage monitoring and changes. The device learns patterns in energy use to maximize efficiency while lowering cost.

smappee energy monitor

Smappee Energy Monitor

Smappee is an appliance-focused meter that monitors energy usage from devices such as a heat pump or electric car. Via smartphone or device, Smappee provides the user with information on energy usage per individual devices and factors. It provides alerts if there are leaks or errors in energy usage to create cost savings.

neurio home energy monitor

Neurio Home Energy Monitor

Home energy monitoring system that provides cost updates and notifications to a smartphone or device to better understand home energy usage and areas for savings.

TED Pro Home Electricity Monitor

TED Pro Home Electricity Monitor

Monitors electricity usage in the home and communicates with resident and utility company on high areas of usage and ways to cut monthly bills. Compatible with smartphones and Alexa.

CURB Home Energy Monitoring System

CURB Home Energy Monitoring System

Home energy monitoring system that attaches to a breaker panel to show individual appliance energy consumption. Communicates to the resident through iOS or andriod devices to give updates on usage and projected costs.

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I've had the Smappee Energy Monitor installed for about 2 months and I've already learned alot about what is costing me money. I can tell when and how often the fridge cycles on, when the Keurig is cycling to maintain temp, when the hot water heater kicks in.

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