Improved Personal and Home Health


Living well and independently requires good personal health and a healthy home environment.

Read more about the devices below that can offer both personal and home health.


When needed, emergency assistance and the support of others to assist in healthcare monitoring and intervention is essential to your health and well-being.

Smart devices enable you to ensure this assistance through emergency alerts and health as well as activity monitoring.

wearable device on older woman's wrist showing her heart rate

Emergency Alert Devices

Most of these devices entail the use of wearable emergency alert transmitters embedded in watches, bracelets, necklaces and garments that enable the user to request assistance from a family member or an emergency services dispatcher in the event of a fall or other life-threatening event.

Some of these devices also monitor physical health attributes such as heart and respiration rates, provide medication reminders, and feature fall detection sensors and distress alerts that operate independently of the user.



Certain physical conditions and the process of aging can challenge our ability to tolerate temperature extremes and to self-regulate our body temperature.

The use of certain prescription medications and some diseases can also influence body temperature and its regulation. Therefore, maintaining safe home temperature and humidity levels is vitally important to your health. Healthy air quality is also vitally important to maintain personal health and especially so for anyone that is vulnerable to indoor air pollutants. Smart devices that help you maintain healthy air conditions include smart thermostats and air quality sensors and purifiers.

woman interacting with touch screen thermostat

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostat devices maintain safe heating, ventilation, humidity 
and air-conditioning (AC) levels by utilizing temperature/climate sensors and controls without relying on your intervention. Automated space conditioning with a smart thermostat connected to mobile technologies also allow for remote control of a space conditioning system from any location. In this way, smart thermostats deliver enhanced safety, comfort, convenience, and energy bill cost savings.

Common smart thermostat features include:

• Occupancy detection to activate/deactivate the system as appropriate;
• Automated temperature adjustments based on weather;
• Controls to respond to and maintain manually adjusted room temperature;
• Optimal humidity and air-conditioning control; and
• Economizer capabilities to use cool outdoor air as an AC chiller source.


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Enhanced Independence

Our independence is directly related to the degree to which we can perform the activities of daily living. Smart devices can enhance your ability to conveniently and effectively perform these activities while increasing your comfort.


Hazards Mitigation

Smart devices can reduce the threat of harm from falls, toxic substances and intruders making your home a safer place to live.


Increased Housing Affordability

Monthly utility bills impact the affordability of independent living. Smart utility pricing programs now offer you an opportunity to reduce those bills by using energy when it cost you less and by increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

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