Installer Training


The Illinois Science & Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF) has sponsored development of an online training and certification program for contractors who wish to install smart devices for older adults.

It is known as the I-STAR Senior Specialist Training Program. The objective of the training is to sensitize home improvement contractors and equipment installers to the specific needs and preferences of senior homeowners to ensure the successful installation, programming and operation of smart devices in their homes. Contractors/installers who successfully complete the training course and pass the final exam, will receive a certificate and will be listed on this website and other websites that promote certified, smart device installers.

Training Objectives

  1. Understand the cognitive, physical and motivational/attitudinal challenges seniors encounter adopting smart devices
  2. Assess specific senior homeowner needs prior to device installation
  3. Ensure effective installation of smart devices to accommodate senior homeowner limitations and preferences
  4. Provide guidance on reading older adult cues and communicating effectively
  5. Provide effective device demonstrations and related instructional techniques
  6. Troubleshoot smart devices and develop successful approaches to restoring older adult confidence in a failed device
  7. Communicate and work effectively with a senior homeowner’s caregiver, if needed
  8. Benefit from being added to the list of I-STAR Certified Senior Specialist installers
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Application for the I-STAR Senior Specialist Training Program

Home improvement contractors and smart device installers interested in acquiring these skills should click the button below to be taken to the Senior Specialist training program administered by the Indoor Climate Research & Training Group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Submit a form to be listed on the statewide installer directory

Home Improvement contractors and smart device installers interested in being listed in a statewide directory of installers on this website, and on others that promote these services, should complete the input form by clicking the button below. The listing is free and will be accessible to all visitors to this site.